Simply Edible




I have absolutely nothing to vouch for other than my love for food and cooking. I learned from my mother that food was a way of bringing people together and creating special and memorable times. As I grew up, my love for food and cooking continued and grew. Many times I found myself inviting friends over just so I could try a new dish I had just seen in the new issue of Food & Wine, Saveur, Bon Appetit or Gourmet magazines.    
I always feel great joy in all aspects of cooking. The grocery shopping transports me to the country of the ethnic product I am about to purchase. Chopping and preparing ingredients is very satisfying as I feel the closeness to nature and what it has to offer. Putting it all together awakens my senses. The combination of sounds, aroma, and flavors delight me as they evolve into a final result. I was often teased by my friends, because even the ritual of doing the dishes or cleaning up afterwards gave me pleasure. It provides me with time to reminisce about the evening, the joy and laughter of the beautiful moment that was just created. These range of feelings guided me to create Simply Edible.  
I truly believe that the table should not be a symbol. It should be a place where you and yours congregate around food and create memories. Therefore, I wanted to help others create memorable moments through food. Allow Simply Edible help you create a menu, prepare it, serve it and do the cleaning as you relax and enjoy in the company of family and friends.   
Simply Edible can serve parties of two or more. We are proud to have served for Get Together With Friends, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Business Social, New Year’s Eve Elegant Dinner, Tea Parties, Romantic Celebrations and Seasonal Gatherings. 
My style of service is very professional and respectful. References will be provided upon request.